Wildlife Photography from the Pantanal

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The Pantanal is the world’s largest wetland. It is mainly located in Brazil but also extends into Bolivia and Paraguay. It’s area is estimated to be between 140 to 195 thousand square kilometers. 80% of the Pantanal is submerged during the rainy season. The images on this website were mainly taken during the dry season.


The Pantanal is a haven for wildlife and home to a vast number of different bird, mammal, fish and reptile species. Notably, it is home to one of the healthiest jaguar populations on Earth and is a great place to see other elusive mammals such as giant anteaters, giant river otters and the Brazilian Tapir.

Hyacinth Macaw

The Pantanal ecosystem is home to around 1,000 bird species. One of the most endangered of these is the spectacular Hyacinth Macaw. Other impressive bird spices more easily spotted are the Jabiru Stork and the Toco Toucan.

Caiman Eating a Fish

One of the most conspicuous inhabitants of the Pantanal is the Yacare Caiman. Approximately 10 million exist within the region and they can easily be spotted in the waterways and swamps. These caiman grow to around 2.5m and mainly prey on fish.

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The Pantanal photos on this website were taken by Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas, find out more here: Behind the Photos.